Define a alcoholic…

3 phases of alcoholism..

FUN PHASE where everything is better, more exciting and overall FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! My head is calm for once I am in control and I can move mountains. My little shot of courage gets me thru the day to accomplish everything. Alcohol was not my problem it was my solution.

FUN PLUS PROBLEM PHASE is where your still having a great time but at the cost of some problems or in my case many problems and put my self in harms way where if I didn’t wake up with bruises or something almost broken it was a miracle. Don’t let me forget the blackouts when others had to tell me what I actually did the night before. Most of the time I totally knew they were lying but sadly they weren’t if I wasn’t in a blackout it would be dog ass funny.

Last but not Least is the PROBLEM PHASE where it’s no longer fun it’s just a matter of survival. Relieving the shakes, getting thru the gags till you can actually get alcohol down. Having hangovers so bad I thought I’d die. Using opioids thru the day till I could start drinking again. There was no FUN during this period this is the point you realize you definitely need help. This is when the lying to yourself and everyone in your life is necessary just so you can still drink.

These 3 Phases lasted from 15 yrs old till August 20 2018 where I was 55 years old.

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Alcohol and opioid recovering addict

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