Deciding you are ready to change….

Deciding you’ve had enough, determining you are at your bottom and all you can do is try and claw your way back up. Recognizing you need help but at this point your to scared to ask for it or you’ve lost everyone in your life and no one is there. First of all let me say you can do it and congrats on this first step. Believe me it’s the hardest!!!! Now a bit of advice from a novice… you cannot do it alone. There are many options out there. First of all this is YOUR LIFE your saving and it’s worth more than anything in the world. No amount of money, pain, ego etc.. is worth more than you are. You have a sickness that fucks with your head and you cannot control it. I’m not gonna sell you on a ‘best method’. I am gonna tell you if your all alone reach out to an AA mtg and they can begin to direct your steps toward help such as if you need detox , food, listening ear etc. I’m in no way an AA cheerleader but it’s a great start until you can begin making decisions with a more healthy mind. Walk, Run or crawl to a meeting.

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Alcohol and opioid recovering addict

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