There are so many phases to recovery and each has its good points and bad. I’d like to discuss what worked for me and what sucked. I’d also like to hear your story… 1st PHASE and hardest part was deciding you were ready to change and you were an addict 2nd PHASE was detox which was total hell and makes you think about never going thru this again 3rd PHASE is partial hospitalization program which for me was 30 days. (30 long days). 4th PHASE was IOP which is out patient conducted by a therapist which is 3 hours a day 4 days a week for 5 weeks. This was the easiest phase with the exception I drove 1.3 hours one way. 5th PHASE is aftercare which I have yet to begin but look forward to. Along with all these phases are visits to Therapist, psychs and meetings such as AA, Smart Recovery, women for Sobriety etc. it’s a full time job for 6 months or more. Here is just a breakdown in my next blog I’d like to get into more detail and hope you find it interesting and at times funny. Thanks for your support and please keep coming back.